‪TechbloxModdingAPI  ‪v2.2.0
‪The unofficial Techblox modding API
TechbloxModdingAPI.Utility Namespace Reference


class  ApiExclusiveGroups
class  Audio
class  AudioTools
 ‪Common operations on audio objects More...
class  DebugInterfaceEngine
class  Dependency
 ‪Simple plugin interaction operations More...
class  FullGameFields
 ‪Public access to the private variables in RobocraftX.FullGameCompositionRoot More...
class  GameEngineManager
 ‪Keeps track of custom game-modifying engines More...
class  GameState
 Utility to get the state of the current Techblox game More...
class  GameStateEngine
class  Logging
 Utility class to access Techblox's built-in logging capabilities. The log is saved to APPDATA%..\LocalLow\FreeJam\Techblox\Player.Log More...
class  ManagedApiExtensions
class  MenuEngineManager
 ‪Keeps track of custom menu-modifying engines More...
class  NativeApiExtensions
struct  OptionalRef
class  WeakDictionary
struct  WrappedHandler
 ‪Wraps the event handler in a try-catch block to avoid propagating exceptions. More...